"At our home"

Villa Anna

Villa Anna is a personal, small-scale hotel characterised by warm hospitality, a homely atmosphere and exciting culinary experiences.

It has a unique and enviable location, right in the midst of the historical part of Uppsala, surrounded by iconic buildings like Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala University and Gustavianum. The first time people enter Villa Anna’s world , they often describe the experience as enchanting. The pleasant and cosy ambience of Villa Anna enables guests to wind down and enjoy their stay to the full.


Industrialist Carl Edward Ekman commissioned the building to be built. The architects were two brothers, Axel and Hjalmar Kumlien, who also designed Grand Hotel in Stockholm. The year was 1874 and Ekman wanted to give his daughter Anna Gustafva Ekman and her husband Knut Henning Geselius von Schéele a present. Later, when Professor von Schéele was made bishop of Visby, the villa was sold to Uppsala Läkarförening (Uppsala Association of Doctors). From 1879-1942, the building was home to Kalmar nation, the Läkarförening’s library and a Christian girls’ school, Lindska Skolan. Later, the building was bought by the cathedral parish and was used as a parish hall for both the cathedral parish and the Helga Trefaldighets parish. Ever since 1660, the neighbourhood around Villa Anna has been called Odinslund and the avenue, created by botanist Carl Linnaeus, is one of Uppsala’s oldest promenades.

Today the building is owned by the real estate company MIAB Förvaltning, a company committed to the preservation of old cultural heritage buildings. Villa Anna has been carefully and reverently renovated.

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