Lunch with focus on the raw material

The lunch at Villa Anna is simple and natural. We work with seasonal ingredient and the courses are created in our ”lab” where we can live out our great interest for the raw material. We work with as few components as possible, with the largest breadth Our aim is to present a menu where you read the name of the ingredients only. Sassy, we know, but we believe that we can surprise and create fantastic experiences.

You start at our ”Fresh Market station” with three types of raw food, freshly baked sourdough bread and homechurned butter. Our raw and fermented vegetables are presented in their purest form. We are very fond of what is organic and locally produced, and with great care we pick ingredients of the season When you are seated, we will take your order on meat from Swedish farms or fish from the seas of the North.

We present two new dishes and a dessert every week. If you wish, you may finish your lunch with freshly ground and freshly pressed coffee together with the praline or dessert of the day.

"Fresh Market", main course of you choice, sourdough bread and sparkling water is included in the lunch.

175 sek

Main course of the day:

Från Svenska gårdar

Chuck roll, pickled onion, truffle

Från Nordens hav

Char, cucumber, white asparagus, dill

Dessert of the day

80 sek

Praline of the day

25 sek

Producerad av studioeast